Switch to green power

  • Easy and affordable alternative to installing renewable energy at home
  • Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Support renewable energy

At a glance

Ease Impact Savings

You can join the more than 800,000 Australian households who are making a positive contribution to the environment and provide valuable support for renewable energy in Australia, by switching to a GreenPower accredited renewable energy product.

GreenPower is an independent government accreditation program set up to encourage greater investment in the renewable energy sector in Australia and ensure the renewable electricity you buy meets strict environmental standards.

If all households bought 100 per cent GreenPower by 2020, Australia would be powered by 50 per cent renewable energy

Businesses and events can also purchase GreenPower products.

Consider your options

Switching to GreenPower commits your energy retailer to sourcing some or all of your energy from accredited renewable sources. This clean energy is then added to the electricity network on your behalf. GreenPower is a great option if you don't have the budget for or access to a reliable renewable energy source and you still want to use a power supply which has little impact on the environment.

  • You can use GreenPower in combination with your renewable energy systems. For example, if you have a solar (photovoltaic or PV) power system and are still buying some electricity from the grid, switching to GreenPower can help to ensure that up to 100 per cent of your home electricity comes from renewable sources.
  • GreenPower can form part of your household's approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. If you reduce your energy use by 10 per cent through taking a few simple energy-efficient actions around the home, you could buy 25 per cent of your electricity from GreenPower at little or no extra cost compared to your current bill.

How to buy GreenPower

Purchasing GreenPower is simple. All you need to do is:

  • contact your electricity supplier and ask about GreenPower
  • choose the percentage of GreenPower you would like to buy based on your budget
  • sign up, and your energy provider will source GreenPower from accredited renewable energy sources such as solar and wind and will add it to the grid on your behalf.

Visit the GreenPower website for a list of accredited GreenPower products and retailers and an idea of the cost. Most retailers will offer you the choice of how much of your power is 'green'. If your energy retailer doesn't have the option you're after you can shop around for the most suitable offer for your home.

The EnergyMadeEasy price comparison tool allows you to compare electricity offers including the GreenPower component (available for ACT, NSW, SA and TAS as at March 2014). See compare electricity and gas market offers for information for all states and territories.

Did you know?

  • Ceiling insulation saves up to 45 per cent of heating and cooling energy.